MODOC – The World‘s Leading Platform for Paperless Antidoping Controls

MODOC is a digitized, fully integrated system to plan, execute and document anti-doping controls. Introduced in 2014, it has been processing over 25,000 testing sessions every year in national testing programs and major sports events.

MODOC Backoffice

MODOC Backoffice

The browser-based test planning allows structure-oriented creation and assignment of tests via a user-friendly interface that can be operated by several people at the same time.

Once a test is completed, the results are immediately available. The doping control forms are available in the back office and the result data may be exported for further analysis. Additionally, a PDF document containing all the collected information may be generated, too.

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MODOC Application

The tests are documented using the mobile application that is available for all operating systems (iOS / Android / Windows).

All actions can be performed in real time and the collected data is automatically synchronized with the MODOC Backoffice. The doping controls can also be executed in offline mode.

Additionally, the same doping control can be executed by multiple officers and the collected data are being synchronized between the multiple mobile devices.

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